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We are a hobby farm located in Northern Indiana. We have prided ourselves in raising the highest quality livestock antibiotic free. We have grass fed beef, free range chickens, ducks, rabbits, and have 50+years of animal husbandry. Rabbits are raised indoors with in wire cages with no medications. We, ourselves have been rawfeeding our dogs and cats for several decades finding great health benefits compared to the allergens and poor quality ingredients in the popular brands of kibble, not to mention the many product recalls after reports of deadly contaminants. Allergies and poor health made us believers and you will see unbelievable changes in your dogs once you crossover to raw.


We offer 100% Natural Farm Raised Raw Pet Food. Rabbit, Poultry and more. All livestock free of antibiotics and dispatched humanely.  We raise our own Beef, Chickens and Rabbits and on occasion Sheep and Pigs.  We offer rabbit meat as our main product for raw feeding’ diet. We have a large rabbitry with alot of versatility. We raise rabbits for show, pet and food. We feed a very stable diet of rabbit pellets with no corn products along with a top quality grass/alfalfa hay.

We make use of every part of the rabbit, if you are interested in pelts, just let me know if you are needing white or colored fur.  If you are looking for something special that I do not have listed, please fill the contact form.


All orders are packed in insulated, 250 lb crush proof boxes – double walled. Products are packed in double layer bags w/ice packs and popcorn filler.  If you are purchasing a bulk order over $100, shipping is on us. 

Are you local?  Products can be purchased @ our shop. Please see www.somethinfishy.com for hours of operation. 

We primarily use FedEx as we are able to get better pricing.

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0245 E Toto Rd, Knox, Indiana 46534, USA

Phone (574)806-2726 OR (574)540-6040

Rabbit Feet Dehydrated 12 pk
Rabbits are raised in our rabbitry in wire cages.  They are fed a general pelleted diet along with hay for roughage.  We offer all products of the rabbit.  Whole prey, Skinned  & Gutted, Whole Chopped, Boneless Chopped, Organs, Heads, Raw Feet and Dehydrated Feet.  We raise several different breeds from Dwarf to Giant breeds.  All products are for non-human use.

Rabbit – Whole Prey includes meat, bone and organs. Please select Carcass or Chopped (Coarse Ground or Double Ground) Sold by the pound.

Rabbit – Skinned/Gutted Stomach and organs removed. Please select Carcass or Chopped (Coarse Ground or Double Ground) Sold by the pound.

Rabbit – De-Boned 100% rabbit.  No head, ears, fur or organs. Choose Chunks or Chopped. (Coarse Ground or Double Ground) Sold by the pound.

Rabbit Heads, Ears & Feet –  Great treats or training resource for Dogs and/or cats. All natural. No Hormones or Antibiotics. Heads are frozen with the brain intact  Products are RAW, not dehydrated.  Sold by the pound.

Rabbit –  Pinkies are newborn babies that are generally 2 ounces or less.   Sold by the pound.

Rabbit –  Fuzzies are baby rabbits that are 10-14 days old, weigh 2-5 ounces each Sold by the pound.

Rabbit – No Hormones or Anti Biotics. All Natural Back to Basics Frozen Organs. Sold by the pound

We have one of the largest ratteries in Northwest Indiana. Our rats eat a diet of high protein rat block.  We offer rats in all sizes – euthanized and frozen humanely. 

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